Fall 2017 Rosters

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Division 1
Team Name Captain Name Rank E-mail Cell Phone Home Phone
Filipino Assassins Captain Abat, Kristoffer A tiongsonkrist@icloud.com 850-320-1173 850-320-1677
Filipino Assassins Co-Capt. Pernitez, Donald A agopernitez@yahoo.com 850-228-1494 850-228-1472
Filipino Assassins Samson, Eustace A samsoneustace53@gmail.com 312-330-5542
Filipino Assassins Tagalog, Gary B garydakyotin@yahoo.com 850-320-1843
Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. Captain Dougherty, Kelli B+ kdoc21@comcast.net 528-8595 514-3063
Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. Co-Capt. Gmeiner, Sheila B+ shancy_rose@comcast.net 264-8794 514-3063
Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. Gronli, Brad B brad.gronli@gmail.com 321-356-8863 407-464-9424
Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. Horahan, Joe B Butterman51502000@yahoo.com 850-294-5558 850-727-7282
Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. Moore, Cheryl C+ Havanatomatocafe@aol.com 321-3999 539-0520
Taco Wednesday Co-Capt. D'Souza, Joey C+ jwd3991@gmail.com 850-264-8019
Taco Wednesday Captain Geyer, Ray A Ray.Geyer@gd-ots.com 850-510-8060
Taco Wednesday Ricciardi, John B jjrjr1633@gmail.com 850-556-2194
Taco Wednesday Vieth, Adam C+ adam.vieth@gmail.com 850-545-5032
Taco Wednesday Weber, Eric B eweber2001@comcast.net 850-491-7654
The Complete Package Gray, Angela C amgcst@gmail.com 850-544-3747
The Complete Package Captain Lang, Ernie A bigernlang@yahoo.com 850-491-6691
The Complete Package Matas, Henry A henry.matas@gmail.com 345-7286
The Complete Package Co-Capt. Ramsey, Lewis A bigsquishy1@gmail.com 850-597-2007
Wired Captain Crosby, Jennifer C+ raven8178@gmail.com 850-524-5776
Wired Co-Capt. Flowers, Travis A travisflowers2373@gmail.com 850-524-9590
Wired Harriman, John C+ johncharriman@gmail.com 850-321-6963
Wired Pope, Andrew A da01pope@yahoo.com 850-559-0606

Division 2
Team Name Captain Name Rank E-mail Cell Phone Home Phone
3 Men and a Baby Co-Capt. Arsenault, Dana C+ dana@ponderenterprises.net 229-309-1854
3 Men and a Baby Carpenter, Chase C+ davidchasecarpenter@gmail.com 904-718-2628
3 Men and a Baby Captain Moore, Mike B+ mooreaces@gmail.com 772-263-6198
3 Men and a Baby Roberts, Zack C zackroberts4101@outlook.com 478-230-7085
Fake Darts Bulecza, Shane C+ shanebulecza@gmail.com 850-933-6633
Fake Darts Captain Cagle, Jamie B jcagle@comcast.net 212-2226 402-0144
Fake Darts Co-Capt. Fisher, Brian C+ thorwolf0666@yahoo.com 321-9281
Fake Darts Harrell, Taylor B+ 850-544-1460
Fake Darts Hayes, Bill C+ tarabill1@yahoo.com 850-980-2741
Fake Darts Thomas, Glenn B+ gthomas@llw-law.com 597-0744 893-5577
Gone to the Dawg Captain Bennett, Mike C+ mbennett104@yahoo.com 850-545-2066
Gone to the Dawg Coburn, Scott B+ scott.cclc@gmail.com 850-933-1857
Gone to the Dawg Courtemanche, Charles B ITinker@comcast.net
Gone to the Dawg Co-Capt. Harrington, Phil B+ floridaleaf@yahoo.com 850-376-5525
Jim, Dave, Joe and Lyle Captain Gavins, Jim B+ gavins.james@yahoo.com 524-7502
Jim, Dave, Joe and Lyle Co-Capt. Rash, Dave B+ rash69@comcast.net 508-5846
Jim, Dave, Joe and Lyle Thompson, Lyle C+ vrennick@embarqmail.com 575-5469
Jim, Dave, Joe and Lyle Watts, Joe B+ joewatts4742@gmail.com 850-661-9614
Money Shot Allison, Mike C michael.allison@gmail.com 813-482-7081
Money Shot Burks, David B dburks101@gmail.com 850-491-1078
Money Shot Captain Chandler, Mark B msc3684@hotmail.com 850-566-3902
Money Shot Cherry, Scott C+ cherrynoles@comcast.net 850-556-1441
Money Shot Kobelski, Max B maxkobelski@yahoo.com 850-728-0228
Money Shot Co-Capt. Reed, Eric C+ e_areed@hotmail.com 850-508-6013
Money Shot Wirth, Jay C+ jaywirth@gmail.com
Sopha Kings Captain Billingsley, Bob B+ billingb@yahoo.com 850-212-4529
Sopha Kings Milstead, Chris B milstead.chris@gmail.com 850-212-2789
Sopha Kings Standriff, Kevin B+ kevnole88@gmail.com 850-321-5812
Sopha Kings Co-Capt. Stevens, Richard B RPSFISH@Yahoo.com 850-510-3350