TDL Win/Loss Record Leaders

Kristoffer Abat A1 Filipino Assassins 3030.909
Henry Matas B+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 2020.909
Travis Flowers A1 Hold My Beer 2860.824
Lewis Ramsey A1 Hold My Beer 2560.806
Travis Sanford B1 Jumbo Dawgs 2870.800
Max Kobelski C+2 Money Shot 1230.800
Jim Gavins B2 Dilly Dilly 2270.759
Kevin Standriff B1 Sopha Kings 2790.750
Eustace Samson B+1 Jumbo Dawgs 22100.688
Mike Bennett C+2 Running with Sizzors 1360.684
Joe Watts B+2 Dilly Dilly 1570.682
Ernie Lang A2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 1990.679
Dave Rash B+2 Dilly Dilly 21100.677
Eric Scott B1 Jumbo Dawgs 1890.667
Lyle Thompson C+2 Dilly Dilly 1680.667
Tyler Chambliss C+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 1680.667
Donald Pernitez A1 Filipino Assassins 23120.657
Chase Carpenter C+2 Baby on Board 1160.647
Mike Moore B+2 Baby on Board 20120.625
Chris Milstead B1 Sopha Kings 19120.613
Joey D'Souza C+1 Projectile Dysfunction 1170.611
Glenn Thomas B+2 Smokey and the Bandits 640.600
Jay Wirth C+2 Money Shot 540.556
Scott Coburn B+2 Running with Sizzors 13110.542
Phil Harrington B+2 Running with Sizzors 13120.520
Joe Horahan B1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 18180.500
Eli Biddy B+1 Jumbo Dawgs 12120.500
Taylor Harrell B+2 Smokey and the Bandits 880.500
Eric Reed C+2 Money Shot 770.500
Zack Roberts C2 Baby on Board 11120.478
Bill Hayes C+2 Smokey and the Bandits 890.471
Mark Chandler B2 Money Shot 890.471
Shane Bulecza C+2 Smokey and the Bandits 9110.450
David Burks B2 Money Shot 9110.450
John Harriman C+1 Hold My Beer 16220.421
Dana Arsenault C+2 Baby on Board 7100.412
Ray Geyer A1 Projectile Dysfunction 12180.400
Charles Courtemanche B2 Running with Sizzors 10150.400
Salvador Magayanes C1 Filipino Assassins 13210.382
Jamie Cagle B2 Smokey and the Bandits 350.375
Richard Stevens B1 Sopha Kings 13220.371
Eric Weber B1 Projectile Dysfunction 8140.364
Ralph Acosta B1 Filipino Assassins 13230.361
Dan Wilcox B1 Projectile Dysfunction 6110.353
Brooke Carson C+2 Baby on Board 9170.346
Lori Kaye Matas C+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 10190.345
Jennifer Crosby C+1 Hold My Beer 12240.333
Kelli Dougherty B+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 5100.333
Bob Billingsley B+1 Sopha Kings 9190.321
Jessica Johnson C2 Just the Tip 6150.286
Brad Gronli B1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 9240.273
John Ricciardi B1 Projectile Dysfunction 5140.263
Josh Pierson C2 Just the Tip 7200.259
Cheryl Moore C+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 6180.250
Patricia Stainsbury C+2 Just the Tip 5160.238
Sheila Gmeiner B+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 6210.222
Adam Vieth B1 Projectile Dysfunction 5200.200
No Player Selected B2 Running with Sizzors 020.000
Chris Milstead B+1 Sopha Kings 020.000
Felicia Johnson C2 Just the Tip 0160.000
Jeff Ahsinger C+2 Just the Tip 0120.000
Mike Allison C2 Money Shot 020.000
Sheri Carpenter C2 Just the Tip 080.000

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