TDL Trophy Points Leaders

Eli Biddy B+1 Jumbo Dawgs 1601.00016
Chris Milstead B1 Sopha Kings 2050.80015
Eric Reed C+2 Money Shot 1001.00010
Joe Watts B+2 Dilly Dilly 1001.00010
Eustace Samson B+1 Jumbo Dawgs 1680.6678
John Harriman C+1 Hold My Beer 1240.7508
Tyler Chambliss C+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 801.0008
Kelli Dougherty B+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 801.0008
Joey D'Souza C+1 Projectile Dysfunction 17100.6307
Kristoffer Abat A1 Filipino Assassins 601.0006
Lewis Ramsey A1 Hold My Beer 601.0006
Dave Rash B+2 Dilly Dilly 1050.6675
Travis Flowers A1 Hold My Beer 1050.6675
Jim Gavins B2 Dilly Dilly 1050.6675
Jennifer Crosby C+1 Hold My Beer 1050.6675
Travis Sanford B1 Jumbo Dawgs 15100.6005
Eric Scott B1 Jumbo Dawgs 1050.6675
Patricia Stainsbury C+2 Just the Tip 1050.6675
Lyle Thompson C+2 Dilly Dilly 1050.6675
Henry Matas B+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 401.0004
Max Kobelski C+2 Money Shot 860.5712
Ernie Lang A2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 201.0002
Donald Pernitez A1 Filipino Assassins 860.5712
Cheryl Moore C+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 860.5712
Mike Moore B+2 Baby on Board 860.5712
Joe Horahan B1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 10100.5000
Mark Chandler B2 Money Shot 14140.5000
Bob Billingsley B+1 Sopha Kings 10100.5000
Kevin Standriff B1 Sopha Kings 15150.5000
Jessica Johnson C2 Just the Tip 14140.5000
Zack Roberts C2 Baby on Board 680.429-2
David Burks B2 Money Shot 680.429-2
Felicia Johnson C2 Just the Tip 020.000-2
Salvador Magayanes C1 Filipino Assassins 680.429-2
Ray Geyer A1 Projectile Dysfunction 13160.448-3
Josh Pierson C2 Just the Tip 040.000-4
Lori Kaye Matas C+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 5100.333-5
Phil Harrington B+2 Running with Sizzors 5100.333-5
Mike Bennett C+2 Running with Sizzors 5100.333-5
Charles Courtemanche B2 Running with Sizzors 5100.333-5
Brooke Carson C+2 Baby on Board 080.000-8
John Ricciardi B1 Projectile Dysfunction 4120.250-8
Eric Weber B1 Projectile Dysfunction 080.000-8
Scott Coburn B+2 Running with Sizzors 0100.000-10
Ralph Acosta B1 Filipino Assassins 0100.000-10
Brad Gronli B1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 5160.238-11
Sheila Gmeiner B+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 6180.250-12
No Player Selected B+2 Just the Tip 0120.000-12
Adam Vieth B1 Projectile Dysfunction 0160.000-16
Richard Stevens B1 Sopha Kings 0160.000-16

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