TDL Trophy Points Leaders

Kristoffer Abat A1 Filipino Assassins 112150.88297
Travis Flowers A1 Hold My Beer 118310.79287
Travis Sanford B1 Jumbo Dawgs 123400.75583
Eustace Samson B+1 Jumbo Dawgs 118400.74778
Kevin Standriff B1 Sopha Kings 117450.72272
Henry Matas B+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 72100.87862
Lewis Ramsey A1 Hold My Beer 93350.72758
Jim Gavins B2 Dilly Dilly 91400.69551
Tyler Chambliss C+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 82330.71349
Eric Scott B1 Jumbo Dawgs 88410.68247
Chase Carpenter C+2 Baby on Board 65210.75644
Dave Rash B+2 Dilly Dilly 93510.64642
Lyle Thompson C+2 Dilly Dilly 78400.66138
Mike Bennett C+2 Running with Sizzors 63300.67733
Joey D'Souza C+1 Projectile Dysfunction 61280.68533
Max Kobelski C+2 Money Shot 48150.76233
Chris Milstead B1 Sopha Kings 89570.61032
Mike Moore B+2 Baby on Board 86590.59327
Donald Pernitez A1 Filipino Assassins 91660.58025
Joe Watts B+2 Dilly Dilly 53330.61620
Zack Roberts C2 Baby on Board 62440.58518
Salvador Magayanes C1 Filipino Assassins 84710.54213
Eric Reed C+2 Money Shot 34250.5769
Joe Horahan B1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 87800.5217
David Burks B2 Money Shot 47420.5285
Ernie Lang A2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 60560.5174
Mark Chandler B2 Money Shot 38380.5000
Glenn Thomas B+2 Smokey and the Bandits 20200.5000
Jay Wirth C+2 Money Shot 22230.489-1
Dana Arsenault C+2 Baby on Board 35360.493-1
Bill Hayes C+2 Smokey and the Bandits 38390.494-1
John Harriman C+1 Hold My Beer 90920.495-2
Mike Allison C2 Money Shot 040.000-4
Jamie Cagle B2 Smokey and the Bandits 16210.432-5
No Player Selected B2 Running with Sizzors 060.000-6
Scott Coburn B+2 Running with Sizzors 48560.462-8
Chris Milstead B+1 Sopha Kings 0100.000-10
Eli Biddy B+1 Jumbo Dawgs 48590.449-11
Phil Harrington B+2 Running with Sizzors 54650.454-11
Eric Weber B1 Projectile Dysfunction 43560.434-13
Richard Stevens B1 Sopha Kings 68820.453-14
Taylor Harrell B+2 Smokey and the Bandits 32460.410-14
Josh Pierson C2 Just the Tip 44600.423-16
Jessica Johnson C2 Just the Tip 39570.406-18
Shane Bulecza C+2 Smokey and the Bandits 38580.396-20
Kelli Dougherty B+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 24460.343-22
Dan Wilcox B1 Projectile Dysfunction 26510.338-25
Sheri Carpenter C2 Just the Tip 0280.000-28
Patricia Stainsbury C+2 Just the Tip 27580.318-31
Brooke Carson C+2 Baby on Board 44810.352-37
Jennifer Crosby C+1 Hold My Beer 641030.383-39
Bob Billingsley B+1 Sopha Kings 44840.344-40
Jeff Ahsinger C+2 Just the Tip 0440.000-44
Lori Kaye Matas C+2 3 Shafts and a Barrel 48980.329-50
Charles Courtemanche B2 Running with Sizzors 38890.299-51
Ray Geyer A1 Projectile Dysfunction 44960.314-52
Felicia Johnson C2 Just the Tip 0520.000-52
Cheryl Moore C+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 32840.276-52
Ralph Acosta B1 Filipino Assassins 611220.333-61
John Ricciardi B1 Projectile Dysfunction 22850.206-63
Adam Vieth B1 Projectile Dysfunction 25880.221-63
Sheila Gmeiner B+1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 26940.217-68
Brad Gronli B1 Oh My Dawg! O.M.D. 401180.253-78

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